Dell employees don’t support radical return to site

In response to the Hybrid Work Policy communicated to employees of Dell s.r.o. on Monday, February 5th, we urge Dell's leadership to reconsider the intended goals of this directive and reassess its implementation.

We believe that each situation is unique and should be assessed individually. Many individuals have adjusted their living arrangements and daily routines over the past few years, during which remote work was either necessary (due to COVID) or recommended, making a return to the office neither easy nor feasible.
We believe that many positions with global functions and teams work more efficiently from home than from the office.
We believe that career limitations associated with remote work, restrictions on applying for other roles within the company, should be assessed on an individual basis, according to the requirements and assumptions of specific positions, rather than universally. Many global positions with global teams can be effectively carried out from a remote location.

Overall, we request an individualized approach and support for remote work for people and positions where it makes sense.

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